A typical improvement work team in your mine

  • step1
    We will assign one or two consultants to work with you, on your mine
    So you have continuity with people you can get to know and trust

    The aorist consultants will work collaboratively with your people.

    We will get our hands dirty, working with you and your team to improve performance on your mine through the application and / or training of Lean, 6 Sigma, and Process Modeling / Management disciplines. (One of our consultants is shown here helping a client with a Lean improvement.) There will be just enough of us to provide you with the support you need, but not so many of us that you become over-reliant on us, or feel like your mine has been overrun by consultants.
  • step2
    We will help you nominate some of your people, initially, who will work together with us
    So your team can direct activity, keep control of what is going on, and learn

    The aorist consultants will work with your team to build the skills they need to manage and improve your processes.

    We help your team initially understand how to apply Lean, 6 Sigma and / or Process Modeling / Management to increase output and reduce costs. We will also encourage and support your people to take a lead with this business improvement activity. This will involve selecting improvement projects, reporting on their progress, managing risks and issues, and of course delivering improvements. The aim is to get your people competent, as quickly as possible, to help make business improvement an enduring part of 'the way we do things around here'.
  • step3
    We will turn your people into your permanent on-site experts
    So you quickly become self-sufficient

    We work with your team to get them in a position to replace us.

    We work with your team to build their capability and ensure that they rapidly gain the expertise and confidence they need to take full ownership of business improvement. To find out more, simply contact us.