aorist capabilities

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    Lean, 6 Sigma and Process Modeling / Management Consultancy.
    We can help you increase output and reduce costs on your mine by applying Lean and 6 Sigma methods to improve your processes, or help you control them via Process Modeling and Process Management techniques.
  • 2
    Lean and 6 Sigma Coaching and Training.
    We can train and coach your people to increase output and reduce costs on your mine by helping them understand how to successfully apply Lean and 6 Sigma methods to improve your processes.
  • 3
    Change Management.
    We can help your people speed up their business improvement efforts by enabling the change process to happen significantly more rapidly in your mine.


  •     This good work ($60,000,000+ benefit in one year) is thanks to aorist consultants and 6 Sigma.
    L.E., General Manager
  •     I would definitely recommend 6 Sigma and aorist consulting to other mines.
    P.K. Mining Manager

Lean, 6 Sigma, Process Modeling / Management and Change

Methods that rapidly deliver increased output and reduced costs.

Lean and 6 Sigma will deliver both significant continuous and step-change improvements in performance. Process management and Process Modeling will help you control the performance of your processes and make them more reliable and predictable. When allied with aorist's unique Change experience in training and coaching these methods, and making them work successfully in a wide variety of cultures and environments, you have a compelling business improvement combination that will help you increase output and reduce costs in your mine.

An overview of what we can do to help your mine

  • Lean
    To reduce waste and increase efficiency.
  • Lean Kaizen
    To rapidly solve performance problems.
  • Lean 5S
    To improve housekeeping, organisation and safety.
  • 6 Sigma
    To achieve step-change performance improvement.
  • Process Modeling
    To predict performance and minimise constraints.
  • Process Management
    To make processes less variable and more reliable.