Lean 6 Sigma 5S for mining steps

  • 1
    Remove all the things that are not needed for immediate daily use from the work space.
  • 2
    Tidy the work space, and place tools and equipment in such a way as to minimise movement.
  • 3
    Clean the work space .


  •     I am impressed.
    A.L. Head of HME
  •     Everyone has done great work and you can see things getting better day-by-day (through application of 5S).
    C.T. HME Manager

aorist Lean 6 sigma 5S for mining

Quickly organise the work spaces in your mine to improve safety, increase output and reduce cost.

Having work spaces that are clean, clear and well-organised is a foundation for having processes that are problem-free, safe, reliable and consistent. Through our years of experience in helping clients apply 5S to work spaces of all types, we can help you to quickly improve your mine's working environment, and so help to increase output and reduce costs.

Lean 6 Sigma 5S for mining case study - work space reorganisation and house-keeping improvement project HME

  • space requirenent decreased as part of 5S project in mining heavy equipment meantenance area Problem
    HME workshop needed organising with improved housekeeping.
  • 1. We sorted
    To remove items that were not needed on a daily basis from the work space.
  • 2. We straightened
    So everything was neat and tidy, in its place, and easy to spot if missing.
  • 3. We shined
    so the work space, and the items in it, were de-greased and clean.
  • 4. We measured
    To ensure the changes made were both effective and sustainable.
  • space reqy=uirement decreased by 30% as part of 5S project in mining heavy equipment meantenance area Result
    Sustained improvement in housekeeping, and storage space reduced by 30% in some areas. Businesses typically benefit from a 50 - 100+ times rate of return, when measuring the cost of an aorist Lean 6 Sigma or Lean training course and coaching against the benefits derived from applying it the very first time in their mine.

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